Reviews 2017

Kir Kelevra
18 December 2017

The conference is designed really competently and harmoniously: organizers and speakers have covered all the aspects of robotics. Organizers, Smile-Expo company, did a great job, thanks for it.

Sergei Poplavskiy
18 December 2017

I was surprised to see so many developers and business representatives. The organizers said that this is the first chatbot conference. I tend to believe them, because I did not see anything similar before. Previously, we made presentations as individual speakers at more general conferences. But this event brought together an audience that was discussing the topic of chatbots only. The hall was full, so I would say that people are interested in the topic. I’ve communicated with people who are doing, or have already done something, in this field. In general, I am very pleased with the audience and the organization.

Evgeniy Sarantsov
21 February 2018

I really appreciated the conference. I was surprised to see that the hall was full, really a lot of people. It turned out that chatbot is not exotica anymore. We need a couple more such conferences for chatbots to become a common thing.