Post-release 2017

ChatBot Conference: we brought together leading specialists in chatbot development area


On March 29, Ukraine’s first conference dedicated to development and application of chatbots in business, ChatBot Conference, took place in Kiev Parus Business Center.

Experts told the audience about application of chatbots in banking services, legal studies, healthcare, the best platforms for applying chatbot technologies, as well as about their development experience. The conference was attended by more than 200 participants: programmers, businesspeople, marketing specialists and those monitoring innovations in the chatbot sector.

The event was organized by Smile-Expo, a leader in holding conferences, exhibitions and forums in Ukraine and European countries.

The event consisted of two blocks:

  • Chatbot development.
  • Chatbot application in business and marketing.

conference involved chatbot developers in such areas as legal business (Nestor Dubnevich, lawyer at Juskutum), cryptocurrency trading (Kir Kelevra, CEO at, healthcare (Aleksandr Krakovetskiy, CEO at DevRain Solutions), business protection (Aleksey Ivankin, co-founder of, smart contracts (Evgeniy Sarantsov, managing partner of TCDC). Key speakers of the event included representatives of 1C-Bitrix, Microsoft, Oratio and PrivatBank.

conference moderator was Aleksandr Krakovetskiy, CEO at DevRain Solutions. He opened the second block with the presentation on creation of bot experts for medical and legal sectors using Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive Services and NER systems.

David Pichsenmeister, CEO at Oratio, revealed main chatbot application areas in 2017: Chat bots will be commonly popular in such areas as customer service, content distribution and eCommerce.”

Yuliya Guseva, the head of online chat service at PrivatBank, explained that chatbots were profitable, providing the infographics about live statistics of their application in bank: “The difference of satisfaction levels between PrivatBank operator and chatbot is pretty small – less than 10% and this despite the fact that a bot is 90% cheaper.”

Audience was surprised by the presentation of Pavel Chishko, the chief bot developer at PrivatBank, who shifted from a common presentation format to a master class. It was interesting for guests to see the real process of bot development.

Sergey Poplavskiy, a technical evangelist at Microsoft, explained conditions of human adaptation to chatbot: “If a bot communication mechanism is improved enough for solving any problem, there is no reason for people to refuse its services in future.”

Aleksandr Demidov, the head of leasing solutions department at 1C-Bitrix, determined who should not focus on chat bot development: “Certainly, you should not develop chatbots, if you just come up with the idea like “Chatbots are cool, I’ll create the one!” It is important to analyze why you are going to develop it and what value you want to provide customers with.”

Smile-Expo expresses gratitude to general partners, speakers and attendees of the conference.

See you at the next ChatBot Conference to be held this fall!