Bot lawyers to work in the law firm “Yuskutum”

07 July 2017
Bot lawyers to work in the law firm “Yuskutum”

According to the partner at the law firm “Yuskutum” Artem Afian, chatbots will soon handle clients’ cases instead of lawyers. The company is developing digital assistants for performing simple tasks. 

The first chatbot will apply for registration of intellectual property.

A bot for executing a patent will be produced at the end of July. Afian has announced that services of a virtual companion will cost three times cheaper – around 500 UAH comparing to services provided by lawyers (2.5 times more expensive). Advantages of using chatbots include the opportunity to file an application without leaving the house.

“Yuskutum” intends to produce four different bots by the end of the year. One of them will analyze correspondence with suppliers and prepare contracts. The bot will cope with work, done by lawyers during three days, in several seconds. The other bot will provide the court with documents and register legal entities.

Artem Afian is sure that bots will take routine work on themselves. So, digital programs will replace a part of employees in the law firm. The expert thinks that a lawyer has approximately five years to train for a new occupation.

Legal bots represent a modern world trend. When virtual companions first appeared, the nineteen-year-old Stanford student developed a bot-lawyer DoNotPay – the service for car owners helping to file an appeal against parking tickets. In several years, the program handled 250 000 cases and won 160 000 of them saving its “clients” over $4 million.

The bot lawyer has been recently launched in “Oschadbank”. According to forecasts, it will replace around 3 000 lawyers.

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