Registering a third party only insurance through a bot on Viber

06 September 2017
Registering a third party only insurance through a bot on Viber

Insurance aggregator has launched the first Viber bot that allows registering a third party only insurance (TPO) straight in the chat. Now drivers do not have to go to insurers, gather a package of documents, and wait until the policy of insurance is ready. One of the largest companies in Ukraine allows calculating and registering the insurance using a smartphone and a messenger.

The insurance Viber bot works as follows:

  • a driver goes to Viber and finds the public account “ Страхование” (Russian for Insurance);
  • a bot asks the user a number of questions regarding the brand and model of the car, year of manufacture, accident-free driving record, etc.;
  • using the obtained data, the virtual assistant calculates policies of insurance in different companies (the aggregator works with twenty organizations);
  • after the driver chooses the most beneficial offer, he or she can register the insurance on

The total time of calculating and registering a TPO comprises approximately five minutes.

Users can pay for insurance in any convenient way, for example, using Visa/Mastercard, Privat 24, or in cash. The last option is available for citizens of Kyiv only. Policy of insurance can be delivered by courier throughout the capital. Besides, the driver can collect it personally. Third party only insurance is sent to other Ukrainian cities by Nova Poshta.

Representatives of state that the service can reduce the insurance fee by 40% and substantially saves time and efforts.


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