Best areas for chatbots implementation

23 May 2017
Best areas for chatbots implementation

Intelligent chatbot has great capabilities: it processes and saves user’s answers and questions, it learns, determines geolocation, recognizes faces and voices. This lets you use this virtual interlocutor in different fields.

8 areas in which chatbot can be useful

Best areas for chatbots implementation

1. Insurance

Chatbot optimizes the process of filing an insurance claim or service request, helps to collect a package of necessary documents and draw up an application.

2. Utilities

A virtual interlocutor is able to promptly notify tenants of various accidents, repair works, planned outages, etc. Besides, a user can send a repair request, request a bill and pay in chat.

3. Healthcare

In the field of healthcare, chatbot serves as a consultant allowing you to call a doctor, send a request for the delivery of medical tests and obtain their results, pick the right medicine and find out its cost in different pharmacies.

4. Telecommunications

A virtual interlocutor in telecommunications can be used for technical support, selection and changing the pricing plan, recharging, etc.

5. Finance

Money transfers, bank card blocking and activation, currency exchange are among functions provided through a chatbot. Security of financial transactions is guaranteed.

6. Tourism

A virtual assistant will book a hotel, find, buy and, if necessary, exchange tickets, provide a map of the most preferable route. It will do everything to make client’s travel the most comfortable in general.

7. Beauty industry

As for the cosmetic industry, the bot can offer users a high-quality content related to the fashion world latest news, new catalogs of clothing and cosmetics and advice from experts. Besides, the virtual interlocutor will help to choose your style and purchase suitable body care products, cosmetics and clothing.

8. Restaurants

Chatbot will help a client to place an order, book a table, pay for delivery services. Such service quality will undoubtedly lead to increased sales and increased customer loyalty.

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