UATA chatbot will help Ukrainian tourists abroad

05 February 2018
UATA chatbot will help Ukrainian tourists abroad

The Ukrainian Association of Travel Agencies (UATA) will help tour operators with advising tourists on vacation. Specialists created a chatbot that can answer the most common problematic questions about living arrangements, flight cancellation or delay and many others. In Telegram it is called TourHelperBot and on Facebook – Chatbot 24/7. There is still no official name.

In general, only close-end questions are asked in the chat. After a certain algorithm, the tourist will receive useful advice on what to do in a particular problematic situation.

UATA organized a competition for the best name and image for the chatbot. The winners will receive great prizes.

Today, the chatbot works on a non-commercial basis. UATA President notes that the organization had a goal of doing something new and useful for Ukrainian tourists. In the future, chatbot will be improved, but remain available free of charge.


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