This year’s top 7 trends of Facebook chatbots development

31 January 2017
This year’s top 7 trends of Facebook chatbots development

All previous year, developers have been studying opportunities of the Facebook Messenger platform, designing various functional chatbots. This year, one has established the main development trends of this area. Bots are increasingly used as a business tool instead of entertainment purposes. We offer you the review of core trends that will be observed while developing talkbots in 2017.


7 trends of bots development on Facebook platform

1. Bots will communicate like people but without milk-and-water.

Users want to communicate using common human language even with a machine, but at the same time, they don’t want to obtain vague answers and lots of useless information. Concise and to the point – it is the way how chatbots, which will be launched this year, will answer.

2. Compatibility with mobile website versions will be obligatory

If a chatbot is not launched on the mobile website version, the company can lose an essential part of the target audience. It is especially relevant for online shops, because today a lot of goods are purchased using smartphones, and users want to get a piece of advice right here.

3. The opportunity to share interesting bot

Such options as the recommendation to install a certain bot, sharing it with friends and relatives, adding it to a general chat room, will allow to socialize bots, bring them to the top and eventually monetize.

4. It will be easier to develop and find required bot

The easier one can find a certain bot or develop software with specific functionality, the more active this ecosystem will grow, leading to improved tools and new opportunities.

5. Bots will conduct certain scope of functions

Previous year, chatbots were cross-functional. This year, there will be personal tools for specialists of certain areas: mass media, restaurant business, e-commerce, etc.

6. Bots’ behavior scenario will be more complex

Chatbots are being improved; and if previously they have been able to answer only simple questions, then due to the implementation of natural speech recognition technology and key phrase determination, they will enter a brand new communication level.

7. One expects flourishing of technology by means of active chatbots implementation

Chatbots implementation allows to increase the efficiency of business processes. Such a solution can become a competitive advantage. Thus, in 2017, many companies will desire to have such a useful tool. It will lead to the rapid technology development.

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