Top 3 new Ukrainian chatbots

04 December 2017
Top 3 new Ukrainian chatbots

This year, chatbots have become one of the most popular online services. Do you want to simplify communication with customers? Create a chatbot. Do you want to advertise your product or service? Create a chatbot. And there are dozens of such applications out there.

Ukrainian developers create a lot of chatbots for different areas. We will tell you about three such areas.

A chatbot that tracks maximum loads

The Uberdrive company developed a Viber messenger bot, which lets drivers monitor changes in orders statistics in various areas of Kyiv. This helps increase the efficiency of passenger transportation in locations with increased load. The main task of this bot is to monitor the busiest parts of the city in real time and analyze which sectors have increased demand for Uber services. Today it operates only in the capital, but the company plans to launch it in other cities.

A chatbot for buying circus tickets

The National Circus of Ukraine joined the organizations that created a chatbot as a sales tool. To get a performance ticket, you do not have to go to Victory Square and wait in line. Just find the bot in Telegram messenger and buy it.

Chatbots to order drinking water

Every office has coolers with drinking water. Ordering them is profitable and convenient, since big replacement bottles are not as expensive compared to buying small bottles. Sometimes you need to spend a lot of time to order water: find suppliers, choose the optimal cost and so on. With a chatbot, this won’t be a problem. You can choose the best supplier, get acquainted with the price range and order delivery via Telegram.


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