Encrypt with Telegram: send self-destroying content with new function on messenger

24 July 2017
Encrypt with Telegram: send self-destroying content with new function on messenger

Telegram update is notable for many useful functions. Among them, meet the following: sending of a self-destroying content and file caching.

Recently, the function of self-destroying content sending has appeared on Snapchat and Instagram. Currently, the same exists on Telegram 4.2. A chat user can send a message with a picture or a video that will be deleted in some time. By the way, deleted for good since copies aren’t stored. A user sets a timer for content viewing. Another interesting flavor – if a receiver takes a screenshot of such a message, a sender gets a notification.

The second useful update – introduction of a content delivery network (CDN) for file caching. It significantly increased a download rate. According to developers, CDN isn’t used for private chatting but public channels only.

Pavel Durov ensures data confidentiality in private and secret chats. Information is encrypted with the help of special keys that neither a government nor a provider has. In other countries, the company uses a CDN provider.

Also, you can add more private info on the updated messenger.

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