Checkmate Siri. Google Assistant and Cortana are smarter

09 June 2017
Checkmate Siri. Google Assistant and Cortana are smarter

Researchers of the Stone Temple consulting company decided to find out which virtual assistant is smarter – Cortana, Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They asked the voice assistants five thousand different questions and estimated correctness and completeness of their answers.

During the testing of AI smart assistants, the experts took into account whether the assistant gives an oral response, refers to third-party sources such as Wikipedia, or looks for an answer in its database. They also noted how often the virtual assistant can not recognize the request, understand words, as well as how often it is mistaken.

So, the results of the experiment are as follows:

1st place: Google Assistant – 68.1% of correct answers, 90.6% of them were maximally detailed;

2nd place: Cortana – 56.5% of answers, 81.9% of which are correct;

3rd place: Amazon Alexa – 20.7% of correct answers, 87% accurate answers;

4th place: Siri – 21.7% of correct answers, 62.2% of which are detailed and accurate.

First, the analysts conducted a kind of competition between the two assistants: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The first one was smarter. Then they decided to compare it with two more popular assistants. It turned out that the Google product is the smartest.

Despite the fact that Siri falls behind as for all the parameters, Apple developers do not despair, as they prepared an update for the virtual assistant in iOS 11. Apple said that Siri has become much smarter, so now it is unlikely to take the last place in the contest of smart voice assistants.

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