Why chatbots are cashiers of the future? Find out at ChatBot Conference

28 February 2017
Why chatbots are cashiers of the future? Find out at ChatBot Conference

We would like to announce one more ChatBot Conference speaker: Marina Chernovol, a CMO and Business Development Director at AltSolution.

The presentation topic: Cashiers of the future. Purchase via chat – illusion or reality?


Chatbots have already become a part of the marketing strategy of many big companies. They allow to provide a twenty-four-hour product support almost without involving common operators. Modern bots can answer various questions, help to choose goods depending a given price range and customer preferences.

With technologies developing, virtual assistants will become a full-fledged platform for retailing without human intervention. Marina Chernovol will tell how it will happen at ChatBot Conference.

Key points of speaker’s presentation:

  • What a ticket cashier in messenger is.
  • The concept of interaction between users and bots. Algorithms.
  • Pros and cons of Telegram and Facebook Messenger platforms.
  • Web vs. Mob. Industry trends. Statistics. Traffic. What to expect?


Marina Chernovol is a Marketing & Business Development Manager at AltSolution and cofounder of the travel project called UnexploredCity. She is a curator of the Chatbots section, because she has vast knowledge and experience in API Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. Her main focus area is algorithmic bots.

AltSolution is a developer of chatbots for Facebook and Telegram. The company offers efficient solutions in eCommerce and UI/UX interface fields, develops customized products for startups and business process automation systems for various enterprises.


ChatBot Conference will take place in Parus business center on March 29. You can register for the first international event dedicated to chatbots here.

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