Register trademarks quickly with Patentbot

01 August 2017
Register trademarks quickly with Patentbot

In Ukraine, the process of trademark registration has become much easier due to Prima Veritas, Juscutum and workers’ original chatbot for the Facebook Messenger.

Patentbot automates the process of trademarks application. No more routine work for lawyers, no more time-consuming visits to law agencies for clients.

The chatbot performs several functions:

  • informs about availability of a trademark;
  • insert appropriate data and pays for TM registration service;
  • manages the process of registration.

Currently, you can pay with the help of Liqpay. After application and money transaction approval, the data goes to the Ukrainian Patent Office where the process continues in a conventional way. Patentbot cannot substitute human work since people control the whole process.

The price for the individual trademark registration is 500 UAH, which is much cheaper than an average market one.

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