Review of the most useful business bots for Telegram and Facebook Messenger

15 June 2017
Review of the most useful business bots for Telegram and Facebook Messenger

Application of chatbots gives entrepreneurs additional bonuses and new opportunities. Virtual conversation partners can be personal assistants, inform of significant news immediately, provide statistics and analytics as well as find employees for performing assignments and so on. Given below are two lists: seven best business bots on Facebook Messenger and the same amount of them on Telegram.            

Top 7 useful business bots on Facebook Messenger

1. Unicorn Bay is a special bot for traders. It informs of stock exchange changes immediately and allows to discover company’s financial condition per one click.   

2. RuBrain chatbot is a headhunter bot, helping to find as soon as possible a reliable and experienced remote worker for performing a certain task.   

3. Hello Jarvis is a personal assistant, reminding in advance of scheduled events.

4. Growthbot is a tool for immediate marketing analysis of various resources. It provides statistics data on a company, the most popular website content etc.

5. SignBot is a special bot for creating nice and informative email signature. It posts a telephone number, website and other user’s data in each important letter.

6. CNN is a CNN official bot, regularly sending users relevant news about world’s events.

7. ВТБ24 is a bot for VTB24 customers that informs of the current exchange rate, can prepare company’s financial analytics, find the nearest bank office and so on.

Top 7 useful business bots on Telegram

1. Biznesprobiznes_bot is an efficient business consultant. It assists in starting a new business, analyses a niche, and make calculations for project launch.

2. GetStatsBot is a bot for unloading resource statistics from Google Analytics.

3. IceMoneyBot is an excellent tool for traders who always want to keep up with the exchange rate.

4. MetaMetaBot is a bot able to find the cheapest air tickets for the given direction.

5. DocumentConversionBot is a service for converting documents in various formats.

6. Mirabellabot is a virtual secretary Mirabella. It makes a list of tasks for a day, reminds of meetings and significant events as well as saves links and many other things.

7. SocialBirdBot is a tool for SMM specialists, allowing to reply to messages in Vkontakte groups on Telegram messenger.

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