What are the key tasks of chatbots?

22 January 2018
What are the key tasks of chatbots?

Chatbots are being used as business assistants more often now. New technologies help companies to facilitate the work of call center operators and simplify work with recurring processes. Check our list of the main chatbots’ skills, which make them profitable for business.

Automating equal tasks

If you are an entrepreneur, you often deal with constantly repeated tasks. For example, checking documents, billing and so on. You can use a chatbot to automate these processes.

Feedback 24/7

If your company provides 24/7 services, it is a huge benefit for you and your business. Of course, it is impractical to involve additional staff for night shifts. You can use chatbots instead. New technology can tell clients about the services, consult, provide additional information.

Sales management

Today, more and more users prefer to make purchases using bots. It's fast, convenient and efficient. If you want to raise sales, use chatbots: they will simplify communication with customers and speed up the process of reservation.

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No human factor

The chatbot has no prejudices and emotions, so there is no human factor. This is useful when collecting feedback, encouraging employees to submit timely reports or assessing the work of staff.

Integration with information systems

It is easy to implement chatbots in any kind of information system: CRM, analytics, accounting, BPM and others. This means that the staff can interact with each system via chatbot.


In addition to performing many tasks, AI-based chatbot can also learn on its own.


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