How to check chatbot’s efficiency?

11 December 2017
How to check chatbot’s efficiency?

Do you own a company and use a chatbot to promote it? To provide its efficiency, you should sometimes test 5 features of the bot. If they are okay, keep going!

Satisfaction rate

In order to realize whether the chatbot provides services in a fast and convenient manner, you should occasionally ask users’ opinion about it. Only a customer feedback will allow you to improve its functionality.

Language understanding

You should always remember that the chatbot is not able to talk to customers like a common call center operator. It is significant to eliminate all of bot’s language mistakes to ensure a full interaction between the company and users.


To understand the level of customers’ interest in the chatbot, you should gather visiting statistics and figure out the percentage of users who return to the service over a specified period of time.

Financial benefit

In any case, the chatbot as a tool should have a positive impact on company operations. If the communication with customers is improved, profit will grow. If profit does not grow, you should reconsider algorithms of bot activity.

AI and machine learning speed

A distinctive feature of the chatbot is that it can independently measure the progress and analyze the self-service rate without human interference.


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