How to draw attention to a chat bot: 6 useful tips

13 July 2017
How to draw attention to a chat bot: 6 useful tips

To develop a chatbot is only half the battle. You also need to draw attention to it. We have created a list of tips to make your virtual companion popular among the target audience.

Tip 1: Create a good description

You have only 160 symbols for the chatbot description on his page in Messenger. Try to describe in a nutshell its useful features, main characteristics and possibilities. Don’t forget to create the user’s manual. Bots that give hints are 25% more popular than “silent” ones.

Tip 2: Show the uniqueness of your bot

Make the bot an individual. It can be sarcastic or cute, write on its own behalf or pretend to be a company worker. Users like bots that send jokes, GIFs and pictures.

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Tip 3: Make conversation natural and simple

Users also like being talked to in a simple and natural manner. They would rather see “How can I help you?” than “Back to menu”. The bot of American Eagle company sometimes writes: “Bro, what will we do next?” And it works.

An interesting fact – if a bot uses appropriate emoticons, the conversation becomes 85% longer.

Tip 4: Don’t lie to users

Everybody understands that functional responsibilities of bots aren’t limitless yet. Even the AI ones. That’s why users are skeptical to the bots “capable of everything” and often write negative feedback when they find any bug.

Users appreciate the truth. Inform about the possibilities of your bot and add a quick-switch-to-operator option to solve difficult questions.

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Tip 5: Don’t be talkative

People usually write messages on smartphones. The screen is small, there’s little space for information, no time to read big texts. So, let your bot be laconic and speak sense. The message limit is 100 symbols.

Remember: spamming bots attract nobody!

Tip 6: Keep in mind that communication is an art

It is important to stick to the happy medium between pushiness and indifference. While making a chatbot, remember to care about the user. Let the virtual companion answer quickly and speak sense. Give a short conclusion in the end of the dialog, mention important details and display the menu.

Chatbot will not substitute a friend but can be an interesting companion you feel like talking to from time to time.

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