How chatbots are changing the education sector

26 June 2017
 How chatbots are changing the education sector

Previously, it was thought that the education sector was difficult to change. However, chatbots can become an effective instrument which will allow us to increase the level of teaching and learning significantly. The amount of smart virtual assistants (many of which are created specifically for the education sphere) is enhancing every day. Here are six bots which will be useful not only for teachers but also for pupils and students.


6 useful education chatbots


1. An AI algorithm counting grades for written tasks

Teachers often find it challenging to evaluate written tasks. Special AI systems can help with that. Right now, these algorithms aren’t perfect but soon they will be improved. Moreover, Hewlett fund has been sponsoring developers of such systems since 2012.

2. An AI assistant for interval learning

A Polish scientist Petr Wozniak developed an app able to monitor what a user is studying, calculate when he/she can forget the information and remind him/her previously acquired knowledge. To remember the information for a long time, one needs to revise it several times. The AI assistant will advise you when to do it.

3. A chatbot for gathering feedback about the quality of education

A feedback chatbot can gather opinions about the quality of education via a dialogue interface. The smart system adapts questions in accordance with pupils’ answers. The bot determines the reason for an opinion, filters bad language and insults referring to a teacher. Such feedback allows enhancing the efficiency of education substantially.

4. A bot assisting a teacher

A virtual teacher assistant named Jill Watson appeared in the Georgia Institute of Technology. The system is equipped with an IBM algorithm and taught with lots of data. Because of that, it can answer various questions correctly. Such a chatbot is being implemented all around the world now.

5. A bot consulting campus students

The Australian Deakin University in Victoria is developing a smart chatbot which will be capable of answering students’ questions regarding campus life. The virtual assistant with IBM AI will help to find a lecture hall, file an application for education, find a parking space and more.

6. A chatbot forming a suitable curriculum

Education experts talk about the importance of an individual approach allowing teachers to educate an integral personality and a highly qualified specialist in a definite sphere. So, pupil’s interests are vital while preparing a curriculum. The course adapts to individual needs so that a student gains knowledge without haste. Chatbots and AI algorithms gather and analyze data about every student.

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