How chatbots help users to overcome Internet addiction

20 February 2017
How chatbots help users to overcome Internet addiction

Founder of Endurance Robots George Fomichev believes that chatbots can help users to overcome Internet addiction by becoming their virtual continuation. Personal assistants can search and structure information on the network in order users receive only necessary and useful messages.


What functions should good virtual assistant have?

According to George Fomichev, soon Internet users will communicate with machines much more than with other people. The era of Internet-of-people is coming, and chatbots will become an implicit intermediary between users and the Internet, helping them to structure a huge amount of information in order to find necessary data.

Functions necessary for good bot assistant:

  • smart search on Google and provision of the most relevant results;
  • monitoring of exchange rates and stock value on the market;
  • informing about interesting news from reliable sources;
  • informing about the weather;
  • search for places where people can relax and spend leisure time alone or with family;
  • provision of reliable information on various concepts;
  • assistance in searching for books, movies, etc;
  • booking of table in restaurants, hotel rooms, tickets, taxi, ordering food, and much more;
  • planning of meetings and notifying about important dates.

The list of smart features can go on and on. Important thing is that bot should be aware of preferences and lifestyle of users and be able to decrease time spent by the latter on the network performing routine tasks.


Chatbots as representatives of users in virtual world

Chatbots can become a kind of user’s secretary on the network, arranging meetings with friends and business partners, booking tickets for a certain date, etc. As the result, users receive a lot of free time: they do not need to process a huge amount of information, comply with formalities and check mails.

How chatbots help users to overcome Internet addiction

Chatbot will be able to notify users about important issues, become a personal news channel, inform other users about the current status of the owner – “busy”, “ready to talk”, “at home”, etc., keep important information – numbers, addresses and other data. In its turn, user will be able to receive all necessary information in a split second. In fact, one chatbot is able to replace a lot of applications, planners, communication in social networks, etc.


When will chatbots receive such features?

For chatbots to become good personal assistants, the platform should be as user-friendly as possible. Only then user will be able to create and train bot quickly. The majority of modern platforms are designed for developers, who can understand the complex logic, setup and programming.

Thus, in order to train chatbots to perform routine tasks and become popular among users, we need a platform with intuitive interface. For this purpose, it is possible to upgrade already existing solutions, for example Botlibre.

However, before upgrading, developers should solve the problem of remembering and recreating previously received information. George Fomichev said that it is necessary to develop a more universal algorithm, rather than a neural network, which will allow chatbots to keep structured knowledge in the memory cells. A search for information would be carried out by keywords and associations.

The head of Endurance Robots believes that in the future, robots and virtual companions will become friends and assistants of people. And there is enough potential for the future to come tomorrow.

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