Havas Media: marketing trends in the augmented reality, chatbots and native advertising

19 January 2017
Havas Media: marketing trends in the augmented reality, chatbots and native advertising

Havas Media CEO Elena Belova spoke about main marketing trends. She classified them according to media channels such as owned, shared, earned and paid.



1. AR expansion

AR and VR technologies have been major media trends for several years. Nowadays they are used in a larger number of spheres. Even a conservative Russian post produced Christmas cards which became alive if viewed through a smartphone’s camera. The project was carried out jointly with the Russian VR developer Latum.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots imitate real-life communication with a client and improve the quality of customer service. For example, a cosmetics company Sephora implemented a bot into Snapchat – it helps to choose a necessary product.

Except for Snapchat, it is also actively developing the technology of Facebook chatbots.



3. Unusual collaborations

Companies engaged in different industries team up and manufacture extraordinary product lines. For instance, Apple is producing sports smart watches jointly with Nike and more exquisite models – with Hermes. Such a product is more valuable for a buyer and the company is entering a wider market.

4. A joint organization of events

Organization of a memorable event works for a brand not worse than a large-scale advertising campaign. For example, IBM was one of the organizers of the Australian Open Tennis Championship proving that data analysis can be enthralling. The company offered visitors to play tennis with any sportsman by means of VR technologies.



5. Cooperation with opinion leaders on various platforms

YouTube, Instagram and other platforms have their own opinion leaders. Cooperation with them will allow finding necessary clients and telling them about your product in an interesting way. That’s why Dior turned to a rebellious artist Doug Abraham (BessNYC4) to advertise its new glasses.



6. Evolution of native advertising

Native advertising is going beyond a text format. It is actively mastering new forms: documentary videos, infographics and even educational projects. For example, in order to support a new season of “Narcos”, Netflix launched a website where you can learn the history of cocaine business in Columbia in the 1960s.

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