Facebook Messenger bot will answer any questions about the Game of Thrones

05 July 2017
Facebook Messenger bot will answer any questions about the Game of Thrones

Just before the start of the seventh part of the Game of Thrones, Catch agency launched Facebook Messenger bot GoTBot.

The virtual assistant answers questions about heroes and events, sends links to video reviews, trailers, teasers, etc.

GoTBot starts the chat with a greeting “The winter is coming” and a funny GIF image, and then offers to ask a question on the series. If the bot does not understand the question, it complains: “Do you take me for Wikipedia?” and offers a funny joke. Other options include the possibility to browse rare photos of handsome Jon Snow or listen to music by Edward Sheeran.

Despite the bot’s complaints, developers compare it with a virtual encyclopedia of the series. It knows all the facts connected with the film and the book, and can even provide family trees of every household.

Do not miss: the seventh part of the Game of Thrones will hit the screens on July 16. The last but one season consists of seven episodes. The last eighth part will come out in 2018 or 2019. Creators of the series say that they already know how the epic saga ends.

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