Milana Facebook bot helps students to study

11 July 2017
Milana Facebook bot helps students to study

Denis Ivanov, a member of Odesa Academy of Law, has developed Milana chatbot on the Facebook Messenger platform. Professor’s digital assistant helps students to learn the sea law.

Milana shows marks, provides notes on the given topic, seek useful video lectures and help to pass outstanding program requirements right in the chat. It allows students to create a group chat, review a booklist and many other things.

The developer says that Milana allows to simplify an educational process and make it more interesting. The bot offers a corresponding level of training for each kind of students:

  • students who get used to prepare to lectures at the last moment can ask the bot for brief notes on each topic;
  • the bot will send video lectures to those who dedicate several hours or evening to preparations;
  • there are source and additional materials for students who get ready in advance.

Milana also serves as professor’s assistant, retaking of an examination. The bot asks questions in such a way as to avoid possible plagiarisms and realize whether a student has required knowledge on the topic or not. The answer via the messenger is sent to professor’s email and they give a mark for the repeated examination in the online register book.

According to Denis Ivanov, Milana won’t replace a professor but will take on routine tasks, requiring lots of time. The chatbot still knows only one discipline, the sea law, but one can train it in other fields.

The bot functions in the test mode, however, students have been already thrilled of it. The developer will launch a full version of Milana by the beginning of the new academic year. Besides, he will also attend the international conference in New York in order to present his bot to leading industry experts until the end of the summer.

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