Pay bills in Kyiv restaurants without waiters: use Facebook CoinyPay bot

17 July 2017
Pay bills in Kyiv restaurants without waiters: use Facebook CoinyPay bot

Today, in Kyiv restaurants, you can pay a bill without a waiter. The Luciding co-founder Michael Skrychevskyhas launched a favorable service CoinyPay.

The assistant for the bill paying at restaurants has been developed on the Facebook Messenger. Users have to enter the Messenger, find CoinyPay there and provide their credit card data. Based on the information given, the bot will generate a unique identification code – CoinyID. Making an order at the restaurant, the user tells its number and receives the bill directly on the Messenger from the waiter. All the client has to do is to confirm the money transaction. The payment will be conducted automatically in 30 minutes.

The service allows to tip waiters. The chatbot automatically adds to the bill 10% of the whole sum. If you want to give another amount of tips or no tips at all, write about it to the chatbot within half an hour while the transaction is conducted.

You cannot leave without paying since the bot has a special function excluding such cases. After the user’s confirmation of the transaction, the waiter receives a notification. If a transaction is successful, a visitor can leave the restaurant, if not – he has to repeat the transaction or pay in another way.

The service monetization is conventional: a little commission is withdrawn from each transaction. In the future, Skrychevsky wants to expand possibilities of CoinyPay, particularly, to pay for the additional services with its help: food delivery, different goods purchase.

According to the CoinyPay developer, POS terminals, checks and cash are outdated. We live in the era of digital technologies that will significantly simplify the bill payment and make the service more comfortable. Today, visitors can leave the restaurant any time without asking the waiter to bring the bill. It is really helpful when the restaurant is overcrowded so as waiters lack time to bring service to clients.

Currently, CoinyPay is used in the Kyiv bar and restaurant Dogs & Tails. Over 100 people have already paid the bill by the chatbot. Skrychevsky has already agreed upon the use of the payment assistant in several other capital locations.

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