Andrew Ng is a new Chairman of Woebot

24 October 2017
Andrew Ng is a new Chairman of Woebot

Google Brain’s cofounder Andrew Ng will be the new Chairman of Woebot startup. The company is working on the development of an electronic robot-psychotherapist.

Andrew will not train the robot, but he will take on the role of a supervisor-adviser for the development team. Andrew Ng is involved in several other projects, including the development of a course in machine learning for the well-known educational platform Coursera.

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Using methods of Cognitive behavioral therapy, Woebot chatbot will help people overcome anxiety and depression, and teach them how to manage their emotions.

According to Stanford specialists, patients reported a decrease in depression symptoms after two weeks of Woebot therapy. The psychotherapist-bot offered patients effective solutions, just like a real doctor.

The chatbot can not completely replace qualified behavioral therapist. The robot helps to cope with mild forms of depression, but not with its severe form. Nevertheless, Woebot is an excellent listener, it helps a person to express feelings, and then offers an advice.

Chatbots can be assistants to psychotherapists. Medical authorities of Great Britain launched an application using chatbots to advise patients remotely, instead of human operators. New service helps to reduce impacts on the hotline.


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