“1C-Bitrix” expert to tell whether bots will replace regular employees at ChatBot Conference

21 February 2017
“1C-Bitrix” expert to tell whether bots will replace regular employees at ChatBot Conference

On March 29 during ChatBot Conference there will be a report of Aleksandr Demidov, expert of the international company “1C-Bitrix”, offering highly efficient solutions for website management.

Speaker’s report will cover a topical issue: “Will you become unemployed because of bots?”


Aleksandr Demidov is a leading expert in the field of development and management of high load systems. For many years he has worked in well-known company “Zenon N.S.P.”. Currently, in “1C-Bitrix” he is in charge of development and promotion of SaaS products. IT expert is a regular participant of large conferences dedicated to the Internet.

Being one of the best providers of solutions for web resources management and business organization, international company “1C-Bitrix” offers its services on the market for more than 20 years. One of the flagman products of the company is a platform for the creation of functional chatbots.


Within ChatBot Conference Aleksandr Demidov will answer one of the most frequently asked questions: whether virtual companions can replace regular employees.

Key point of speaker’s presentation:

  • Evolution of chatbots. Why are they becoming so popular today?
  • Successful and unsuccessful examples of chatbot application in business. In which cases virtual assistants can really automate business processes, provide effective communication channel and increase the quality of clients support?
  • What technical capabilities should the chatbot development platform have to provide benefits for business? Example of successful implementation of “1C-Bitrix” case.


The first international conference on chatbots in Ukraine – ChatBot Conference will take place in Kyiv on March 29. Register for the event using the link: https://chatbotconf.com.ua.

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