Four steps to make your chatbot useful in your business!

26 September 2017
Four steps to make your chatbot useful in your business!

There was a real boom in trade in 2016: instead of communicating with human operators when ordering goods or services, customers now can "chat" with chatbots. Such a step should have changed e-commerce in theory, but it did not happen. Use four principles to make chatbot really effective and useful:

  • bot as manager;
  • specialized bot;
  • bot should be synchronized with the person;
  • managing personnel and bots simultaneously.

Bot as a manager

You should be as critical to chatbot as you are to employees to make it change your business for the better. Customers usually do not care who they communicate with – a person or a bot. The goal is to get a competent and full-fledged assistance.

ChatBot Conference UA: Four steps to make your chat-bot useful in your business! - 1

Specialized bot

If the chatbot is specialized, it will "not get lost" with a complex request, therefore increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Bot should be synchronized with the person

If bot does not know what to answer, it is extremely necessary to timely switch to a human specialist. It is very important to set up a "bot-human" connection.

Managing personnel and bots simultaneously

For a successful synchronization it is necessary to make sure that both chatbots and managers are in the same system with the possibility of switching from chatbot to a person and back.


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