Chatbots protect business from raiders and corruption. How? Learn at ChatBot Conference

09 March 2017
Chatbots protect business from raiders and corruption. How? Learn at ChatBot Conference

On March 29 as part of ChatBot Conference, there will be a presentation of Aleksey Ivankin, co-founder of OpenDataBot – service for company monitoring aiming at the protection from raiders and dishonest counterparties.

Topic of the speaker is “How OpenDataBot protects Ukrainian companies”.


Chatbot is the fastest tool for notifying users about the state of their business, as well as businesses of their clients and suppliers. Taking into account many aspects and data, program is able to detect a security threat for business. Such functions are available in OpenDataBot service. Today, it protects more than 20 000 Ukrainian companies against forcible takeovers, corrupt practices and unjustified claims of officials.

During the conference Aleksey Ivankin will tell in detail how OpenDataBot is working.

Key points of his presentation:

  • Problems of Ukrainian business: raiders, corruption, claims of government authorities.
  • Analysis of government open data. What data is to be analyzed? What are the features of forcible takeover or dishonest counterparty?
  • Features of bot development for small business and large companies.
  • Architecture of OpenDataBot service for 4 platforms — Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber.


Aleksey Ivankin is a co-founder and CEO of OpenDataBot, co-founder of Ukrainian food company He focuses on the development of high load and big data projects. Currently, total amount of users of all 908 projects is 500 000 persons per day.


In order to learn how to protect your business from lawbreakers using bots, come to ChatBot Conference that is to take place in the Parus business center on March 29.

Tickets can be bought at

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