Chatbot learned to convince people of its correctness

21 July 2017
Chatbot learned to convince people of its correctness

The Assistant Professor in Cognitive Science at the University of North Carolina Dr. Samira Shaikh has developed a chatbot that can reasonably prove its point of view. While arguing, it justifies own opinion and quite often makes people change their mind.

The Associate Professor confessed of being inspired by the Alan Turing’s question: “Can machines think?” She decided to teach the program the main principles of human communication, namely – persuasion skills. The bot was developed with the help of AI cutting-edge technologies and based on knowledge in social psychology and logic. As a result, a unique virtual companion capable of intellectual debates emerged.

The ready-made bot is tested now. According to Shaikh, successfully.

Within the nearest 10 years, robots will be used as companions, babysitters, etc. Currently, there is a bright example – the famous Pepper. To socialize, machines would need the special skills to conduct a reasonable dialog and prove their point of view.

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