Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay will deal with divorces

30 October 2017
Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay will deal with divorces

Developer of the DoNotPay chatbot lawyer, Joshua Browder, created an updated version of the program to help people draw up divorce applications. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to Browder, divorce applications are drawn in compliance with the standard template. Besides, in most cases, spouses do not dispute their ex-partner’s right to property. So specialists in law firms just take previous samples of these documents and change the client data, their contact information. And the price of such procedure is about 10 000 dollars.

Browder believes that his chatbot will help 80% of people who cannot afford legal support due to high cost of lawyer services. The developer is surprised that no one is trying to change the current situation.

DoNotPay is based on artificial intelligence of the IBM Watson supercomputer. The program has a dialogue with the user, collecting data about their problem. Then chatbot generates a claim and helps a person plan their further actions.

In the beginning, chatbot lawyer was processing parking tickets. Then, the service began to help people who were threatened with eviction or real estate deprivation. To date, chatbot has helped 400,000 Americans save $11 million. And the robot does not take any commission for its services.

Joshua Browder plans to expand chatbot’s skills in the future. He wants to teach the device to claim compensation from airlines for delayed flights. Service will also help you get rid of unwanted cold calls from telemarketers.


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