Ralph chatbot: choose a gift from LEGO in a few clicks!

27 November 2017
Ralph chatbot: choose a gift from LEGO in a few clicks!

In their pre-New Year's advertising campaign LEGO company developed a Ralph chatbot, which helps buyers choose perfect gifts.

The chatbot asks customers simple questions, throwing in some fun GIFs, and as a result gives them gift recommendations. The bot is available in Facebook Messenger and News Feed Ads.

James Poulter, senior manager of digital consumers department at LEGO, said that they are constantly looking for new and interesting ways of communicating with consumers. Chatbots are something that is increasingly used by brands to be active in digital space and promote sales.

British LEGO digital marketing manager, Janelle Holton, added, "We wanted to create an interesting and simple tool for customers to help them navigate the vast range of LEGO products and choose the perfect gift. Given the market coverage of Facebook, the chatbot was a logical choice."


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