Chatbot to help Ukrainian officials with e-declarations

06 November 2017
Chatbot to help Ukrainian officials with e-declarations

Ukrainian non-governmental organization Anticorruption headquarters launches a new service to help officials filling in e-declarations, a chatbot named state official Taras, UNN reports, referring to the press service of the organization.

According to the information given, about 100 thousand Ukrainian officials filled in e-declarations a year ago. The number of declarants has now increased to 700 thousand.

In addition, the analyst of the organization Anton Marchuk argues that there are minor mistakes in almost every e-declaration, which comes to the specialists of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters for processing.

In order to settle the e-declaration process, shorten the time of filling in such documents, and to avoid any inaccuracies, a chatbot was created.

According to the organization, Taras now has the minimum number of functions. He can determine whether it is necessary to submit an e-declaration for a certain official. However, the list of his duties will expand over the time: a detailed guide to filling in the declaration will be added, as well as sms-mailing with a reminder on the timing, indicating the sources of information that will be needed to fill in the declaration.

Chatbot was developed on Andrey Khorsev’s platform with the support of the service for monitoring the data on Ukrainian companies' registration Opendatabot and the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative.


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