Chatbot helps teenagers to overcome problem drinking

21 August 2017
Chatbot helps teenagers to overcome problem drinking

Brazilian alcoholics anonymous organization J.Walter Thompson has launched a chatbot on Facebook that helps users to overcome the addiction.

The problem of alcohol addiction is quite acute among teenagers in Brazil. They drink often and in large quantities, not understanding that fun pastime easily turns into a serious problem. To help teenagers overcome the bad habit, the management board of J.Walter Thompson decided to launch a virtual assistant on a famous social network. Specialists believe that a chatbot has more chances to persuade teenagers to stop drinking than center employees do.

It took three months to teach a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The program was developed based on the analysis of feedbacks provided by real members of alcoholics anonymous group. As a result, the readymade chatbot gives personalized answers and offers soft psychological aid.

The chatbot also provides an additional possibility – it can connect the user to the local support group. In fact, J.Walter Thompson has organized an online club for getting rid of alcohol dependency, where total anonymity of participants is preserved.

A week after the chatbot was launched, over 100 thousand people have talked to it, with 60% of them being teenagers under 17 years of age. Besides, the number of daily help inquiries that come to the email of J.Walter Thompson has increased by 1300%.

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