Microsoft chatbot: Buying some sex services? Got you!

11 August 2017
Microsoft chatbot: Buying some sex services? Got you!

Microsoft programmers have developed a chatbot that monitors the users of websites that sell sex services. The bot was tested in three cities: Atlanta, Seattle, and Washington. It masked by the counterfeit ads from sex workers. They are usually published by non-profit organizations that fight against human trafficking.

How does it work? Chatbot’s software plays the role of a website user that allegedly provides sex services. He talks to the customer and tells all relevant information (the price, peculiarities of the body, etc.). As soon as the customer is ready to pay for the service, the chatbot sends a message with the following text: “Buying sex services is an illegal act. It can cause harm to the victim. The details of this chat will be reviewed, so you may be contacted by police for further investigation”. The text of the message depends on the context of the chat. If the customer thinks that he is talking to an underage person, another message will be sent.

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, director of Arizona State University 's Office of Sex Trafficking states that such methods of combating will help to bring discipline to the field.

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