DoNotPay chatbot helps hacker attack victims receive compensation from Equifax

13 September 2017
DoNotPay chatbot helps hacker attack victims receive compensation from Equifax

The famous DoNotPay lawyer bot has a new function, now it helps users file a lawsuit against Equifax to get a compensation after a hacker attack.

Equifax is an online service that provides users with information about the state of their credit history. In May of this year, this service was hacked. The attackers got information of 143 million users, which make up 44% of the US population. They got access to social security numbers, driver's licenses, addresses, private bank cards data and other personal information. But the main thing is that the company reported this incident only a month later. Service management learned about the incident in late July. And immediately sold the company shares, receiving $1.8 million for them. The official statement about the incident was made only in the beginning of September.

Joshua Browder, developer of the DoNotPay lawyer bot happened to be among the hacker attack victims. He decided to make the bot even more functional by adding the feature of filing a lawsuit against Equifax. This way, the virtual lawyer creator wants to make the dishonest company go bankrupt.

Service customers have already started filing lawsuits against Equifax. With the bot’s help, they save money on lawyer services and seek compensation from $2,5 thousand to $25 thousand, depending on the state law.

The DoNotPay chatbot, which was created to dispute unjustified parking tickets, today can resolve issues in 1000 different law fields.


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