Bots help to solve legal problems without lawyers. Find out more at ChatBot Conference

13 March 2017
Bots help to solve legal problems without lawyers. Find out more at ChatBot Conference

On March 29, visitors of ChatBot Conference will listen to representatives of the law firm JUSCUTUM – Nestor Dubnevich and Valentin Pivovarov.

The topic of their presentation is “Bots as killers of a consulting profession”.


A lawyer-bot is able to analyze current legislation, take into account lots of factors and answer a user’s question by quoting legislative acts. It means that virtual communication partners can fully replace legal consultants. In addition, their services will be much cheaper.

At the conference JUSCUTUM representatives will tell you how to develop a high-quality lawyer-bot.

Presentation points:

  • Why bots represent a risk to consulting business;
  • How bots help to solve legal problems better than lawyers;
  • How much money is saved when using bots;
  • Experience of creating a lawyer-bot.


Nestor Dubnevich is a bot developer for legal consultations at Bot.Lawyer, CEO and lawyer at JUSCUTUM, partner of

The participant of The Berlin LegalTech 2017 Hackathon – the first European hackathon dedicated to legal innovation.

The finalist at International Summer School on Cyber Law 2016. The speaker at blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity conferences such as Blockchain Conference Kyiv, IOT Conf Ukraine, HackIT Ukraine, UISGCON12.

The author of articles about lawyer-bots, smart contracts and implementation of the blockchain technology in government office for Forbes, AIN, Forklog, Legal Practice.


Valentin Pivovarov – the innovation director at JUSCUTUM, CEO & founder of provider of legaltech solutions.

The organizer of the first Ukrainian round table discussion dedicated to the legal status of bitcoin. The speaker at the international conference “Electronic currency in light of modern legal and economic challenges” in Russia, Innovating Justice Forum in The Hague.


The international event dedicated to the use of chat bots in business – ChatBot Conference – will take place in Parus Business Centre on March 29.

You can buy tickets here:

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