BumperBot helps to find way around after accident

01 September 2017
BumperBot helps to find way around after accident

A former patrol officer and lawyer, Alexander Kharchenko, launched a chatbot to help people after a traffic accident. Virtual Telegram bot will tell what to do and where to call after the accident.

During his time as policeman, Alexander Kharchenko noticed that many people after the accident feel at a loss and do not know what to do. Therefore, he decided to create a digital assistant, which will clearly and easily explain what to do, where to call, what information to record, etc.

The developer says that BumperBot can be useful not only after the traffic accident, but also as a mean to prepare yourself for a sudden emergency situation. After talking to the bot in quiet atmosphere, the driver will know how to react in emergency situations.

Alexander developed the bot algorithm for himself. The technical aspects of the project were implemented on the Corezoid platform by the specialists of Bot & Partners Law Firm. Drivers shouldn’t ask bot additional questions. After an accident, user should just contact it, and then choose answers from the avaliable options. Communication is quick and easy.

The author of the project stressed that the logic of the chatbot was developed taking into account the considerable experience of patrol police service, aspects of road accident registration and legal practice.

BumperBot is also available in Facebook Messenger.

By the way, if there are injured, Telegram can contact the Zhgut bot, which will help to render first aid.

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