AI assistants to change online education significantly

16 May 2017
AI assistants to change online education significantly

High-quality education cannot be obtained without a good teacher. Recalling history, Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, and the latter one taught Alexander the Great. Due to online education services, education has become more available for various social groups. However, in reality, people take online courses not so often, preferring to get new knowledge under the supervision of experienced teachers. Experts have found a way to popularize educative online projects in the era of digital reality development: they have decided to implement AI assistants.

Today, there are more and more educative services with virtual teachers, including that provides useful tips on a healthy lifestyle and, allowing to plan out time for more efficient work. Founders of such projects say that they are aiming at providing AI assistants with humanity and empathy, making them similar to real teachers who can beneficially influence users.

AI assistants to change online education significantly

Chatbots are frequently served as digital tutors. Well, AdmitHub representatives have developed a bot, telling first year students how to submit an application for educational scholarship, fill in a document on obtaining a dorm room, and sign up for additional courses. Students of Cornell University can also get answers to common questions from the specially developed bot.

There are a lot of examples of bots, helping students. Some of them recommend educational resources, others suggest how to do homework; there is even a range of virtual assistants for studying foreign languages. By the way, one of Russian startups is developing a bot based on artificial intelligence for learning English. This software makes a personal class schedule, answers for users’ question on the chat, control teenagers for language skill training and so on.

Previous year, William Gates said that chatbots could become pretty good private tutors. And it seems like his forecast already works well.

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