AI algorithm motivates employees to work with enthusiasm

26 January 2018
AI algorithm motivates employees to work with enthusiasm

The co-founder of Evernote Phil Libin and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff created a new AI project called Disco, which will be able to maintain a positive working environment in the companies.

ChatBot Conference UA: AI algorithm motivates employees to work with enthusiasm 1

Disco algorithm from the All Turtles AI laboratory is a tool for providing feedback on the employees’ work. The neural network analyzes such working chats as Slack and Microsoft Teams and collects positive customer feedback. After analyzing the data, algorithm creates a special report and sends it to the employees. When they see the positive results of their work, it motivates them much more than a pat on the back from their boss once every six months.

The visionary behind creating such an algorithm was a developer Jeremy Vandehey. He once worked in a big company, where it was almost impossible to get any praise for your work from the manager. He believes that people should see positive feedback on their activities, it will bring both motivation and enthusiasm to the work.

Disco has already been implement in 20,000 organizations. The clients include Spotify, Intuit, Adobe, Slack and Walmart. Now the system is available for sale at a price of $4 for each employee monthly or $3 when buying an annual subscription.


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