Nine Ukrainian bots that can be used right now

22 March 2017
Nine Ukrainian bots that can be used right now

Previous year, more than 34 000 chatbots with various functions and roles appeared on the Web in six months. The popularity of chatbots is caused by the range of factors: they are developed quite easy, don’t occupy memory space as they don’t require installation, and conduct various actions by communications in messengers.

Today, cross functional chatbots are a rare phenomenon. In general, they perform certain tasks:

  • automation of routine actions;
  • search for answers to client’s requests;
  • search, analysis and structuring of information in the big data base;
  • choice, acceptance and payment of goods and services;
  • collection and analysis of information about company’s customers and common users.

Available chatbots services in Ukraine

Ukrainian companies have been long implementing bots to improve customer service. We are giving a list of the most popular and useful chatbot software.

1. Paypbbot, a bot of the largest Ukrainian bank – PrivatBank, was made to conduct money transfers in Telegram messenger.

2. ‘My payments’ is a virtual assistant, allowing to pay for municipal services on Facebook via PrivatBank.

3. Zoriana – Kyivstar consulting bot, informing company customers about tariffs, services, special offers etc. It operates on Facebook and on the official website.

4. is a virtual consultant on blood donation issues. It is available on all popular platforms.

5. Whereisnpbot – software monitoring location of “Nova Poshta” parcels. It is not an official company bot and operates only on Telegram.

6. QTrackerBot – one more bot monitoring parcels. It is more functional: monitor deliveries of such services as Ukrposhta, Nova Poshta, Delivery, and Meest Express. It is available only on Telegram.

7. Paralegalbot – software controlling Companies Register.

8. iGovBot – Telegram chatbot that provides data on companies according to their names, OKPO code or the head name. It immediately informs about changes happed in a company. Software processes data on iGov public services resource.

9. OpenDataBot – a virtual assistant monitoring register data on Ukraine’s companies and the court register. It operates on all popular platforms.

This is certainly a tiny bit of the list of Ukrainian companies’ bots. However, they are considered as the most relevant and useful for customers.

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