Head of Endurance named 4 smartest chatbots

17 February 2017
Head of Endurance named 4 smartest chatbots

Many people perceive chatbots as virtual conversation partners that can be met in online chats only. They answer simple questions and redirect a customer to an operator in case they cannot process the query. Technologies are getting more advanced, and chatbots are not an exception. Now they are equipped with artificial intelligence, can carry on a sound conversation and work offline.

Founder of Endurance Georgiy Fomichev made a list of smart bots that will change our perception of technological capabilities.


► OK Google: companion and assistant in one bot

Voice command “Ok Google” is known to everyone. However, soon there will be a release of an updated version of the virtual companion – “Google Hello”. To be more precisely, it will be a companion and assistant. The question may be asked aloud or printed, and the program will respond to it in a text format.

In addition to many other advantages, chatbot allows you to record a question as an audio file, if there is no access to the network, and as soon as it appears, the program will give the answer. It allows you to avoid asking the same question several times when the connection is bad.

► Hound: convenient system for various tasks

Hound application allows you to search for a shop or book a room in a hotel while driving. Moreover, the program will find the option that completely suits the requested parameters, or will inform that there is no such option, but there is an alternative.

► Amazon Alexa: smart voice assistant at your home

Amazon Echo (Alexa) is a smart virtual assistant for your home. The system can tell you weather forecast, turn on or turn off music, order necessary products at Amazon. And even though the product has its limitations, those who use it provide only positive feedback.

► Jibo: advanced robot companion, answering any question

Jibo project is very interesting, because the developers say that the robot can answer almost any question. It has its own character and changes behavior pattern, depending on the user's mood. However, the functional prototype of Jibo wasn’t presented yet. But the startup has attracted enough investment to release a product to the market. So, we'll have to see.

According to George Fomichev, soon chatbots will take orders in cafes and restaurants, meet visitors of conferences and exhibitions, monitor patients in medical facilities, search for information on the Internet for users, etc.


The era of smart bots is around the corner, and now you have a chance to become a leader in this market, or at least to be the first to implement an innovative solution. Come to ChatBot Conference UA and learn how to do it.

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