ChatBot Conference

ChatBot Conference is the first and only conference in Ukraine, dedicated to the development and application of chatbots in business.

Chatbot is the main trend of e-commerce and has all chances to become the most efficient tool of interaction between companies and clients. The conference objective is to create professional community on chatbots, bringing together experts, developers, entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors within a single platform.

ChatBot Conference is a platform for sharing experience and establishing contacts between chatbot developers and those interested in new business solutions.

Conference will include two consecutive blocks:


1st stream: Chatbot development

Lectures from experts and market leaders.


2nd stream: Business/marketing

Presentations of implemented projects created by joint efforts of developers and customer companies.

  • Unique information and practical knowledge on using chatbots for business development.
  • Communication with industry experts and leaders of Ukrainian and international chatbot markets.
  • Possibility to establish business relationships and make partnership agreements with developers, customers and investors.
  • Successful cases on chatbot application in various business fields.
  • Structured knowledge on how to make chatbot an efficient business tool to save company’s budget, increase revenue greatly and improve the quality of interaction with clients.
  • Review of popular platforms for creation of functional chatbots.

Chatbot development


Conference program




1st stream: Chatbot development

Aleksandr Demidov

Sergei Poplavskiy


Сoffee break


2nd stream: Business/marketing

Aleksandr Krakovetskiy

Egor Avetisov

Pavel Chishko

Dmitry Arcas

Marina Chernovol

Aleksey Ivankin

Nestor Dubnevich

Valentin Pivovarov

Sergey Skabelkin

Evgeniy Sarantsov

General partners



24 March 2017
How soon will chatbots manage to pass the Turing test and prove their ability to think? Where is the edge...
22 March 2017
Previous year, more than 34 000 chatbots with various functions and roles appeared on the Web in six months. The...
22 March 2017
On March 29, Kir Kelevra, a cryptocurrency expert and CEO at, will present at ChatBot Conference. His presentation topic:...
21 March 2017
OpenAI lab specialists have designed virtual environment for software bots engaged in various tasks. While cooperating, bots have developed their...
21 March 2017
On March 29, Yulia Guseva, Chat Online manager at PrivatBank, will tell how bots of Ukraine’s largest bank operate at...
20 March 2017
We are glad to announce the key activity of ChatBot Conference: master-class called “Create your own chatbot in 15 minutes”...

Parus Business Centre 
2, Mechnikova St. Kiev